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2018 Blog

January 18, 2018 | This new year is off to a great start! We had SNOW (which meant some awesome and unexpected photo opps). I was also honored to learn that I was voted Best Pet Photographer in the 2018 Best of Mount Pleasant (see sidebar for link). And I am so excited to soon launch my Puppy "Grow With Me" photo packages, which should be an easy commitment for EVERY puppy parent! Please check back for details.


December 31, 2017 | As this year comes to a close, I think back over my first full year as a SC resident, my different successes and lessons learned navigating a new market area, the people and pets I worked with, the adoptables I met, and the new relationships made with other pet-related businesses. It all has me excited to think about what 2018 may have in store. I resolve to:

- continue doing what I love;

- put only the best images forward for clients;

- only compete with myself; and

- keep honing my craft.

I will continue to focus on pets (and their people), thereby ensuring I don't dilute the special services I offer, or turn into a "shop". I love what I do!! I love that it's a specialty and not something that everyone can or does offer. (Including a pet in a photo or two simply isn't the same as a dedicated pet session.) Happy New Year to all of you readers! The best part is 2018 is the YEAR OF THE DOG!


September 10, 2017 | I continue to preach the benefits of custom pet photography. I see folks claiming to be pet photographers posting enormous galleries of blurry images and, because most people don't know that custom pet photography is "a thing", they assume those are the only type of photos available and they accept that as industry quality. I am here to tell you, that is NOT the case. Some of us have worked for years to hone this skillset, to ensure only true quality images survive the cut (technically correct images that show your pet's personality and make you FEEL something), and to prepare for our clients the best possible images of their beloved companions. Don't settle for less. Owning a camera (or a dog) does not make someone a pet photographer any more than owning a stove makes you a chef. Think about it.


August 25, 2017 | Those who know or have worked with me in the past will tell you I will always lend a hand to a rescue group if they ask. This year, I drove myself a little bananas with several photo projects all at once though: 2018 calendar for local rescue My Name is Milk; the 2018 10th anniversary calendar shoot for Carolina ACD Rescue & Rebound; and a 2018 calendar shoot for Lagunitas Brewing Company, where they will be identifying a rescue beneficiary for calendar sales. All in, these projects took about 80+ donated hours between travel, shooting, editing, final production and, for Milk Paws, additional coordinating and correspondence time with participants. I knew it was time consuming but until I saw my timesheets, it hadn't occurred to me just how much! Through each process, I met some awesome people and a bunch of beautiful dogs and I hope each effort proves to be a successful fundraiser for the individual rescues. So if you are looking for a 2018 calendar, I can certainly direct you toward some options!


June 26, 2017 | Why Pet Photos?
If you believe your pet is a member of the family, why would you NOT want to have beautiful photos? Sure, cell phone photos will work in a pinch when your dog is doing something goofy – I do it with my own dog - but when you someday want to print a nice piece for your wall, you will be sorely disappointed in the quality your cell phone photo will provide - and the opportunity is lost. Cell phones may allow you to take selfies with your pet, but how will you properly catch that moment where your dog is looking at you with the most amazing eyes, where you can feel them burning into your soul? Or where you are playing ball, or laughing at how they perceive bubbles? While animals don’t have the same life milestones as children (recitals, graduations), they do have birthdays and even adoptaversaries. They sometimes come to you as puppies and, in the blink of an eye, you realize you have an adult dog. Then you look back and all you have are low-resolution cell phone snaps. Maybe they have come to you as a shy, rescued pet and you want to remember how far they have come. Their lives are so much shorter than humans, why would you NOT want professional photos, documenting their journey with you? Pet photography is a specialty – there is a way to communicate with - and an energy that works well around - animals and it is not a skill everyone has. It requires patience and calm, and a physical presence that allows you to get down on the ground and roll around and be jumped and licked and body slammed and take it in stride. It requires a desire to be friends with the animal and not just photo them from a distance. As you consider having photos of and with your pet, this is critical to keep in mind to ensure the most genuine photos result from your session. They really are not "just photos". They are memories you are making and when memories fade, photos will remain as a beautiful reminder.


June 8, 2017 | It’s time for some looking ahead and adjusting. Being in a new geo-market for just about the last year, I can now better assess the differences between this area and the Northern VA client base I enjoyed for almost ten years. Changes are coming. Stay tuned and wish me luck!


March 2, 2017 | When you are getting married, you interview wedding photographers - you want to know if you connect with them. Does their style suit yours for this important day? For me, it's the same with pets (and any specialty area, really). Do you want a commercial/food photographer snapping your precious Fido? Or do you want someone who is experienced working with and bringing out the best in your pet? Do you want someone who focuses on your pet, or considers them more of an afterthought? And most importantly, do you want someone who lives and breathes pets?! (This is especially important for shy pets or those who are a little weary of strangers.) And these should be key questions if you are considering professional photos of your pet. There is so much more to "pet photography" than asking a pet to sit with their family for a posed photo (although this is, indeed, a part). There is interaction, and documenting a genuine love that exists between people and their pets. There is catching a particular look that is meaningful to the pet parents, and grabbing a piece of the pet's personality in a photo. Look at sample photos. A huge, beautiful body of work with a couple of dogs sprinkled in the mix over a several month period of time just doesn't say "pet photographer" ... at least not to me.


February 19, 2017 | I do believe I have a new obsession: dock diving! And I think Roux could excel at this. He loves the water, he is over the moon about his toys and he can jump like a kangaroo! A few photos from the 2017 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (1st day, Qualifying Round) so you can see where/why I got the bug.


January 1, 2017 | Happy new year to all, human and furry!


2016 Entries

December 8, 2016 | From Roux and me -- Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays ... whatever brings joy to your ears and heart!


October 1, 2016 | To commit to a specialty area in photography, you have to focus (no pun intended). Mine is primarily pets and their people. Of course, I can and have done other forms of photography – portraits, family, fine art, events, weddings and commercial. And I will make exceptions for prior clients, for example, who are maybe getting married, and are incorporating their pets in the ceremony! I think you have to work at everything to see where your passion lies, and, in my heart, I do believe capturing the beauty of our pets (and adoptables) and their relationships with their people is my purpose. So when you are considering photos of (and with) your pet, keep that in mind. Does the photographer you are considering specialize in pets or are they a wedding photographer that will take a pet gig? Are they primarily a family photographer that will let the pet participate in a few photos? That’s not my style. If, instead, you want someone who knows how to really interact with animals so they are comfortable, who will ensure the shots represent your pet’s personality, and will focus on your pet (and your relationship together), then let’s chat.


July 25, 2016 | When we are in the middle of your session and I encourage you to be photographed with your pet even for just a few images, please trust me. I don't want to hear you are not photogenic (let me decide that!), or that you didn't do your hair or make-up (your pet won't care about that either). Years from now, I promise, you will be glad you conceded to my request as you look back lovingly on your photos from our time together.


July 2, 2016 | Moving means no file access to prep orders until the week of July 19. Thank you for your understanding.


April 28, 2016 | I've noticed recently when I meet new dogs either at sessions, or dog parks, or events, so many owners seem compelled to say "He/She is a rescue" as if it's a bad thing, a reason or an excuse of some sort for a dog's insecurity or shyness, for example. How about we try this spin -- if your dog is a rescue, tell people but tell them PROUDLY! Educate them if they aren't on the Adopt-Don't-Shop bandwagon. Explain how saving a life is really saving two because you make room for another animal in need to enter a shelter and have a chance at adoption. Maybe your pet has issues - so what? Purebreds and show pets do too! No need to advertise what doesn't matter, when what DOES matter is that you cared enough to give them a chance at a loving family. And in the end, that is ALL that matters to the animal.


January 30, 2016 | Things to not ask me, because they are basically irrelevant:

"What kind of camera do you use?" and "What settings did you use for that [particular] photo?"

My gear works for me but it may not be suitable for you. I don't debate brands. During sessions or personal projects, I tweak my settings to suit the occasion and I look for moments. For those hoping to replicate or reproduce an image, and thinking that mirroring the settings or equipment used will do the trick, it isn't going to happen because a moment is unique. I follow the images of people whose work I admire, and if I see a feature I like or am drawn to, I try to find my own way to design an image that may elicit a similar response. But I don't want to copy the work of another. Photography is, after all, a creative sport!

And the cringeworthy "Do you think you got some good shots?" The short answer to this is "OF COURSE!!!" And this will always be the answer because I will shoot until I am satisfied with the images we create during our time together.


January 1, 2016 | Resolve to be your best self.


December 18, 2015 | Merry Christmas to all and an abundance of good wishes for 2016, from my favorite reindeer and me!

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2018 Recent News & Upcoming Events

ONGOING | Charleston Animal Society Adoptable Animal Photo Sessions.

NEWS: December 2017 | Voted Best Pet Photographer, 2018 Best of Mount Pleasant.

January Pop-Up Offer | Book your regular pet session in January for a February OR March appointment and receive a $100 mounted print credit at the time of your order. Offer expires 5pm, January 31, 2018. Cannot be combined with other offers. Contact me for more information or to reserve your space.

January 2018 | Puppy "Grow With Me" packages to be launched. Check back for details.

Upcoming: April, 2018 | Artist Display at City of Goose Creek Community Center. "Focus on Shelter Pets", featuring wall art of some of the many canine faces of rescue.




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