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COVID-19 and Me - A Statement.

As a small (micro) business owner, I want to relay how I am currently dealing with this ongoing pandemic as it pertains to my work, particularly. First, if we are scheduled for an upcoming session, and you have concerns, let’s walk through them before we move your date. In SC, as you know, the weather is a major factor for any outdoor sessions.

Social distancing isn't an issue for outdoor sessions. Also, I work from home quite a bit (and it’s just my husband and me, Roux and Gracie) and am not exposed to large groups of people on any kind of regular basis. Through my ongoing shelter work, I have been maintaining a more than safe distance from any staff and am masked when indoors at the shelters when required. When I shoot, whether for clients or shelters, my lenses allow me to continue with a safe-plus distance so please don’t worry about close personal contact.

My studio space, while small, offers sufficient space for no-contact and safe distances. You are welcome to mask-up at studio sessions. The space is sanitized after each use as well so you are entering clean and ready-to-go.

I will not ask your vaccination status (or any other personal health questions for that matter).

THIS ALL BEING SAID, if you are for any reason uncomfortable moving forward with your scheduled session, please let me know ASAP so we can look at the calendar. In these weird times, we obviously have to afford each other some grace and flexibility. If you are symptom-free and want to go have a great time and make some beautiful memories with your pets, let's press forward! And if we move ahead as scheduled and anything changes in the way of you, or I, becoming sick, we can certainly manage the situation at that time. Thanks and be well!






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