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Bandit's Legacy | Always With Me

A program honoring terminally ill pets and the people who love them.

Memories and photos. There will come a time when that is all that remains. Memories may soften over time. Photos are forever, much like our love for our companion pets. Thankfully, I have known the joy of a dog's unconditional love. And having lost my Bandit just before his 16th birthday, and our two elderly and much loved dogs before him, I know too well the devastating pain of loss. And I have been comforted by my photos of them.

With the loss of Bandit, I decided to honor him with a program that focuses on terminally ill pets and their families. It is my hope that Bandit’s legacy, “Always With Me”, will give others some peace during a time of such tremendous loss and sadness. Having beautiful photos that honor your pet and your relationship with them can be such a comfort.

I understand the anxiety a pet’s diagnosis can produce for their humans. I understand you will incur veterinary expenses for treatment, medication or even palliative care. But I also understand the importance of having photos to cherish and Bandit’s Legacy offers this at no session charge to the family. If you have received a terminal diagnosis for your pet and would like to schedule a session, please contact me for program details and requirements not published here.

I am truly sorry you and your pet are having this experience. It is one of life’s certainties, but not one we are ever fully prepared to manage. It is my privilege to offer these services as I know how important they will be to you in the years to come.

March, 2015 | Bandit's Legacy was featured in the Paws for Charity Magazine's inaugural issue.

Notes: Local sessions within my 25-mile round trip zone average a time investment of five hours including travel, session time, processing/editing to the proof stage, and production of prints/products. The estimated donated value to clients participating in this program is over $400.

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