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Published and awarded pet photographer serving the Charleston SC area with seasonal appointments in Northern Virginia.


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My studio options include warm colors and rich textures and the opportunity to see your pet in a formal setting. It has hosted animals ranging from a chipmunk to cats and kittens, to litters of puppies, to a Giant Schnauzer and several other guests in between! All of my gear is portable so I can bring the studio to you - this works well for pets who may fare better in their own homes. You may also come to me if you prefer.

I have found studio time is most effective with pets who are well-behaved (or controllable) and somewhat settled/under good voice command (and a good "sit/stay" is REALLY helpful). I can work around everything else.

If you are interested in discussing a mobile studio session, please contact me.

In favorable weather, I do offer a combined indoor/outdoor session where pets are photographed in the studio and then we take some time outdoors as well.




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