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December, 2019 Monthly Selections

Last month I did a bit of an annual report so I won’t recount that here, but 2019 was a great year all-around and I am so grateful for your support!

I did finish up my rescue sessions rounding out the year at Dorchester Paws and hitting an all-time high of 671 adoptable animals photo’d in a year (in 2018, it was 560 and in 2017, I wrapped the year at 475). While this was across a few different local groups, it still says to me that the problem persists of too many pets and not enough homes. While I am, of course, supportive of rescue, I know that some people feel they can’t find their perfect pet in a shelter. In reply to this, I ask you to please just do your research. Don’t go to PetLand or buy from a “big box” pet store operation, or be charmed by the quaintness of Amish country (some of the worst puppy mills in the U.S. are Amish-owned!). If you MUST go to a breeder, find one who CARES about their pups, who offers a health guarantee and who has a contract requiring their return, no questions asked. Avoid Craigslist and Facebook “breeders” like the plague. Drive as fast as you can past the neighborhood signs offering “puppies or kittens for sale”. These are just some of the operations that lend themselves to an overpopulation problem, resulting in an overburdened shelter system.

{stepping off my soapbox now}

Add to that, about 90 full client sessions, three pop-up events and two Santa photo fundraisers and it's no wonder I needed a vacation! So ...

Once I got through the weeks of holiday rescue fundraising events, we actually took our first vacation in over two years – and Gracie’s first real vacation with us, meaning committed downtime where I didn’t work and we didn’t visit family!  Suggestion: if you ever do decide to rent a mountain cabin in the winter, don’t assume - be sure to ask if there is central heat! Photos I took on our quick but much-needed trip were just for me, but I’ll share this fun one from my hike to Anna Ruby Falls.

December 29 marked my five-year anniversary of meeting Roux for the first time (below: the Red Menace soaking in some mountain sunshine). And next month will no doubt include at least one photo of his upcoming five-year adoptaversary on January 3.

I recently spent some time working on a couple of new offerings for 2020, which I will share in January, and have presented a personal project idea – more to follow if it’s accepted and we start to move forward!

Now, anyone who has followed me for a while knows January is when I try to take a longer break for myself (I like to refer to it as “Jeanne-uary”). I do still work with my shelters and rescues, but I try to limit client sessions (except for terminal and geriatric pets). It’s the time I use to get myself back on track after an always-hectic last quarter of the year, as well as do my organizing and plan out the year’s offers and events. I’m really excited to share some of the 2020 plans and ideas I have, so please be sure to stay tuned or follow along on socials or check back periodically to see what’s what!

Until then, we wish you all an amazing new year filled with all the happiness, good health and love you and all of your furries can stand!


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January 26, 2020 | Charleston Animal Society (CAS) Annual Meeting

February 1, 2020 | CAS Puppy Bowl at Mount Pleasant Towne Centre

February 1, 2020 | Dorchester Paws 20th Annual Oyster Roast (Silent Auction item donated)

February 9, 2020 | Treat Toss Sessions at Charleston Lash & Beauty Bar

February 14-16, 2020 | Southeastern Wildlife Exposition

February 29, 2020 | Carolina Coonhound Rescue 8th Annual Oyster Roast and Silent Auction @ N. Charleston Riverfront Park (Silent Auction item donated)

April, 2020 (mid-April) | Northern VA sessions - please contact me for dates, offerings or to be waitlisted.

August, 2020 | Artist Display, City of Goose Creek

November 21, 2020 | CAS 20th Annual Chili Cook-Off

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