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July, 2020 | Monthly Selections

I so wish we could all get back to normal in this world! I’m certainly thankful that the kind of work I do allows me to keep a safe distance and I’m thrilled to be working, but goodness, I’m ready to see people smiling again in general! That being said, as masks and face coverings are our new normal for the forseeable future, what better way to represent than a custom mask and dog collar combo so you and your pup(s) can match?! Yes, I am that person - Roux and Gracie have the collars to coordinate with my mask! I have a friend locally who is making these so if you'd like more information, shoot me a note and I'll connect you with her.

July afforded me the opportunity to finish up shooting the Cover Dog contest winners for Charleston Animal Society. The large prints arrived today and they look GORGEOUS! Here is what I learned about this year’s winners: the humans were all lovely and so happy to participate – and the dogs, well, they couldn’t have been better models! Winners ranged from a four month-old puppy to a rescued tripod Doberman! I am definitely proud of everyone’s efforts and the final gross of nearly $10K to support Toby’s Fund!  Here are thumbnails of the final selected portraits that will be installed as large prints (you can go see them in person at Charleston Animal Society soon!).

Pippa Grace Cotto and her family Louis Vitton Sink and his parents

Roux and Gracie Taylor with their dog-dad Roger Darkey with his family

Daryl Dixon Lehman Ruth and his parents Rexy and Prince Moore with their parents

It's been H.O.T. and if you live around here you know that’s a fact so outdoor sessions were limited in July – it’s times like this that I’m EXTREMELY happy to have a nice, cool air-conditioned studio space! I welcomed seven puppies from Save the Clefts Rescue for their studio debut – five of them were littermates plus two unrelated extras, and all of them were beautiful. I learned about the cleft condition and then I saw firsthand how it doesn’t define who these puppies are! The biggest concern is when they are quite young, but they are tube fed by their caring fosters so as they transition to regular food, the worries diminish and they simply become puppies who are specially-abled. All of these babies will soon be available (locally) via the rescue so if you would like to learn more, please contact them.  Having been handled and tube fed since they were days old, these babies are incredibly affectionate and gentle. The families who are chosen to bring these pups home will be so lucky!

I also went mobile to photo a few adoptable kittens for East Cooper Pet Relief, which is run by the good people at Advanced Animal Care of Mount Pleasant. Because this award-winning vet practice is still curbside for their client care, we had to improvise space and I was able to shoot – masked, of course – in one of the exam rooms. Sometimes mobile shoots for shelters and rescues aren't optimal due to paint colors (Tuscan yellow, for example) on the walls or having to compete with other lighting, but when the subjects are this cute, it makes up for it.

Obviously kitten season is in full swing as I then had a couple of foster kitten guests from Berkeley Animal Center. I don’t know the last time I photo’d this many kittens in such a short stretch, but I’m always happy to spend the time with feline fluff nuggets! The Berkeley kittens are littermates, Hansel and Gretel, and they are hoping to adopt them into a home together so if you know anyone interested in a pair of adorable kittens, please contact BAC Penny Paws. Gretel has some scarring on her left eye (third eyelid), but it’s merely aesthetic and has no impact on her vision.

My weekly adoptable dog sittings have continued at CAS although inventory has remained low due to COVID and a moratorium on intake. Tuesday continues to be one of my favorite days of the week for coming up on four years now and, while the volume has been lighter, the dogs remain pretty wonderful. Here are just a couple from July -- there is such variety in shelters! #adoptdontshop

My month came to a close with a very special dog mom’s session we have been waiting MONTHS to hold! We first connected in March then a series of obstacles came our way – COVID, weather reschedules – finally at month's end, I was able to meet this beautiful lady and her four adorable canine compadres. I had such a great time with this family!


And while I was waiting for their arrival, I met a couple of other lovely locals and their dogs and they were kind enough to let me take some photos of their gorgeous, active beach-loving pups. I had so much fun watching Lovey play [endless] catch and Tova the puppy just RUN FREE!

I’ll be finalizing the candidate sessions for the cover of the 2020-21 Mount Pleasant Pets Magazine in the coming days so I’m sure that will provide me with posts-a-plenty next month!

Until then, stay cool! I’m looking forward to seeing my Northern VA clients in August! This has been my longest span away from NoVA since we moved in 2016! If you need a session or have been waitlisted, please contact me ASAP so we can see about finalizing plans as open space is quite limited this late in the game.

And CHS area folks, we WILL BE doing Santa photos for your pets this year at Woof Gang. We have protocols in place to minimize contact so be sure to save the dates (see schedule below) and keep the tradition going!


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August, 2020 | Northern VA photos. Contact me for dates or to be waitlisted.

August, 2020 | Artist Display, City of Goose Creek.

October 23, 2020 | Charleston Animal Society Gala (maybe ...)

October 24, 2020 | Mount Pleasant Towne Centre Fall Festival (maybe...)

December 5 AND 6, 2020 | Santa Photos (pets only this year, to minimize contact with Santa) at Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Mount Pleasant!


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