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January 2022 | Monthly Selections

Last month I wrapped up with a year-end post that was basically a recap and a holiday wish! The simplicity was mostly because I had been so busy with the rescue fundraisers over November and December that I didn’t have time to compile client session photos to post. So, to winter clients who got gipped out of a post, my apologies.

I DID compile my year-end adoptables as a collage though, since I feel the visual is more impactful to the cause – by December 31, I had photographed 537 adoptables locally across a number of groups that included dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, a couple of goats, one pig and one bunny! #adoptdontshop



New year, who dis?

Still me, just with some changes coming to my business and my schedule!

First, I’m so pleased to say I received recognition as the Best Pet Photographer for the 5th year in a row under the 2022 Best of Mount Pleasant program. To all who voted, thank you so much for your continued support! You can click here or the image below to link to the full issue. Congratulations also to my local pet business pals who were honored too!

My work has also been selected for a repeat gig this summer with the City of Goose Creek, where I’ll have 20+ pieces on display for the month of July. I love repeating, as it affirms people have enjoyed the displays in the past!

Now on to some changes.

Things that WON’T change in 2022:

  • My session rates! So, while inflation is hitting everywhere else, I’m staying steady where I’ve held my rates the last few years.
  • My quality commitment to my clients.
  • My rescue and shelter work – this will continue but may look a little differently as to where I spend my time as I try to help more with a couple of groups that are struggling more than others.

And the biggest change:

Reclaiming some of my time – I offer sessions six days a week for clients with Sundays then typically reserved for terminal pets or, dare I say it, the elusive day off! But in this hew year, I’m also scheduling a small block of time each month (four-ish days) to either rest up, visit family or work on personal projects. I’m putting it here as an accountability matter so I hold myself to it – it’s often easier for me to throw my own plans by the wayside than to say “No” but maybe this will help me stick to it!

I’m working on some special offers for the new year, as always, with a fundraising component for our local shelters and rescues so watch for more info soon! There are outdoor and studio offers in the works.

BIG NEWS - we have kicked off 2022 with a new foster puppy for Berkeley Animal Center – Sweetpea, a semi-feral puppy who we hope to have placed in her forever home before my next mailout! She has come so far so fast – I am convinced ferals/semi-ferals are geniuses! She is Chip 2.0!


I hope 2022 brings you and your furries amazing health, and if you don’t already know your path, that this new year lets you find that something that makes you tick.


Parting note - I’m also going to be shortening these monthly posts and ask you to follow socials instead as I post client and other photos there almost daily. You can hit the socials here:

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Ongoing: Adoptable Animal Photo Sessions. 


February 18-20, 2022 | SEWE and Dock Diving Dogs!

April 23, 2022 | PetFest - Mount Pleasant Towne Center

July, 2022 | Artist Display, City of Goose Creek


Downtime Dates:

Jan 19-23, 2022

Feb 23-27, 2022


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