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August, 2020 | Monthly Selections

August is a pretty big month around here with Roux, Gracie and my husband all having birthdays! I really wanted to do something special this year as the pups turned six. I pictured it in my mind, I even bought a mini-cupcake tin to bake tiny cupcakes! And I tell you what: these dogs that sometimes drive me nuts gave me the photo of a lifetime, pulling off the execution perfectly! Yes, these two sat in front of a row of fresh-from-the-oven cupcakes and wore hats long enough for me to get the shot I wanted. And yes, after a fair amount of high-pitched, uncontrolled excitement on my part when we were done, they got to eat so very many of the bite-sized cupcakes!

As part of the upcoming issue of Mount Pleasant Pets Magazine, I narrowed a cover model call to three participants. They were all the same breed, but different structure, size and personality.  The 2020-21 issue should come out in September featuring one of these beautiful girls on the cover. Locals, keep your eyes peeled for it! This issue has so much interesting content for you (not to mention some pretty special photos!).

August was a surprisingly busy month for shelter and rescue photos! I worked with the cats at Dorchester Paws, foster puppies and their momma-dog for Libby & Mace’s Place Rescue plus one of their spectacular fosters here in studio (pictured below, upside-down :), foster kittens (including a specially-abled one) for Berkeley Animal Center, along with my weekly dog photos for Charleston Animal Society. As of 9/1/20, I have passed the 400-mark for adoptable animals photo'd locally :/ Here's one photo from each shelter or group from August.


Libby and Mace - Phoebe

Berkeley kittens - Hansel and Gretel

Our city invited me to share 18 pieces of my work at the city complex. My favorite part may have been the comments and reactions from people who were enjoying the display. Big thanks to the City of Goose Creek for the opportunity to showcase some of my work, especially in a year when so many other display opportunities and events were canceled.

I had a celebrity brush with Brandon McMillan from CBS’s TV show, “Lucky Dog”.  He was in town working on a special project for Charleston Animal Society and they asked me to shoot some behind the scenes photos. Brandon was really nice and easy going – hopefully he enjoyed his stay in our beautiful city even though it was August and running at about 150% humidity!

The good folks at reached out about using a couple of photos of the Fab Five litter for a feature they were writing on Save the Clefts Rescue – you can read their article here.  I'm happy to report that all of the cleft lip puppies I photo’d here in July (the Fab Five plus two) have gone on to their new homes!

There was also the spunky little dog duo of Reese and Pickles, a senior girl and her much younger brother, and we spent a beautiful morning hanging out at one of my favorite local shooting spots.

I had a very special session as part of my Bandit’s Legacy program. When the dog-ma called and we were working out details, she relayed that her dog was only three years old and likely didn’t have much time left after receiving a diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma. We scheduled for that same weekend although they felt they may have a few weeks. It was quite sad because you could see she wasn't feeling great, but I’m so glad we scheduled quickly because only two days later, they said their goodbyes to this sweet little pixie of a dog.

It was my honor to be able to do this for her family and I imagine Luna is romping at the Bridge and watching over her girl with her big, beautiful eyes.

Having missed my annual spring trip to Virginia (thanks, COVID), it was especially great to see everyone - repeat clients and new ones – including everyone from a 6-month old new puppy client to 17 and ¼ year old, Lilly, who I last photo’d right before we moved to SC!  It was a rough week since the temps were high and the storms unpredictable (Gracie wasn’t happy about that at all!) but everyone powered through it and I’m excited to dive into editing!

Now, before heading to NoVA for the week of sessions, I spent a Friday morning getting mugged by (what felt like) about 100 dogs at K9 Resorts’ End of Summer Splash Party!

Finally, a big shout out to my talented husband for spending his time redoing my studio floor while I had the dogs out of the house for a few days! I’m really looking forward to using the space even more now with this latest renovation.  Foster families are always welcome to schedule their adoptables here (along with clients, of course!).

Reminder: CHS area folks, we WILL BE doing Santa photos for your pets this year at Woof Gang Bakery in Mount Pleasant. We have protocols in place to minimize contact so be sure to save the dates (see schedule below) and keep the tradition going for your pets!


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September, 2020 | Mount Pleasant Pets 2020-21 Magazine hits the newsstands!

October, 2020 | Mount Pleasant Towne Centre Pet Costume Contest (date and details TBD)

November 4, 2020 | K9 Resorts Holiday sittings - advance registration required.

December 5 AND 6, 2020 | Santa Photos (pets only this year, to minimize contact with Santa) at Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Mount Pleasant!


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