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2023 Departed Companions


Fluffy Cook

Titan Alvarez Arata

Peanut Foster

Maddy Plourde

Rocco Piccione

Sumo Pullaro

Emma Gopollawa-Cake

Katie DuBose

Cooper Tudor

Jolie Williams

Charlie Macchio

Tammy Conlon

Olive Thompson

Max Laxton

Lola Boronat

Starbuck Phillips

Bella Mannion

Bowden Fleeman

Ariat Asch

Mo Ferrell

Angel Mannion

Leyna Pullaro

LaMarr Sample

Usungizi "Gizi" Schaefer

Rover Conlon

Bailey Arch

Claribel Enderson

Thor Weaver


Zeke Goldkopf

Lucy Parker

Harley Bennett

Aura Sarmento


Addy Miller

Angys Pullaro


Leah Mukherjee

Petie Wells (Veverica)

Lucy Williams

Maya Villa

Griffin Linthicum

Carmichael (Carmy) Garber

Jaxson Lambert


Maggie White

Ziva Shank

Gus Bayer

Dutch Rossi

Cirilla (Clover) Mettam



Pepper Dye

Bo Bear

Bucky Yates

Chip English

Zoe Pullaro

Rosie Hayes

Bella Walder



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And all the shelter companion animals who never made it out to have a family of their own.

2022 Companions


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