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Client and Rescue Testimonials (updated 1/3/24)

I try to keep this page updated with some of the kind words and extended reviews I've received from clients and shelters/rescues. If you are considering a session, I am also happy to offer client references that you may contact. Just ask!


Received from South Magazine: "We are so thrilled to have you and what you so beautifully and artfully photograph represented in this issue! It was our honor and thank you for all you do for those with paws (and hooves) and everything in between!"

“You are such a gem!” Thanks again for all your help!  I never would have gotten it done without all your helpful direction.” 

“Thanks Jeanne!  Everyone LOVED our Christmas cards and we recommended you to a bunch of people.  They couldn't believe how well the photos of the dogs turned out and how a professional dog photographer could actually make a difference!  We appreciate all your help with these! Thanks again and Merry Christmas!”



“Seeing your newsletter, reminded me to email you. I LOVE my pictures. You did a marvelous job of capturing images of all my guys in good spirits. In your picture, they are all playfully smiling - even the pups.  Just what I was hoping for. ☺️ You’re the best.”

"I just wanted to let you know that your pictures of my Fess and Grady were a BIG hit with their mother. She loved them (cried) and was especially pleased to have pictures of the two of them as adults smiling . . . which speaks to your skill as a photographer. As we know, it was a challenge to get Fess to drop his tough guy image and smile.  Nice going!! Good fun, Great picture . . . what more could we ask for!?! Thanks for brining your special talents over here." 


"I LOVE the pictures! Of course, I cry a little each time I look at them . I would like to get an appointment for a portrait of Dot when you have time. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. I need to get everyone done, but I'll start with the oldest."

"Thank you again for being so flexible and accommodating my schedule when we had so little time left. And what's more, coming out on a rainy holiday weekend to do so. It truly means the world to me. Gizi and I spent all day together on Monday getting snacks, going for a walk, and just hanging around, which was always her favorite thing. The vet came Monday late afternoon, and it was beautiful despite being so sad. There is a huge hole everywhere I go in the house where she used to be. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful gift of memories of her and I together."

"Hi Jeanne, first I want to tell you how incredible your work is. I LOVE the treat toss pictures and am in awe of your ability to get a great photo of my boys (Winston and Rookie) for the holiday session. Somehow, with Rookie trying to eat the Christmas balls, and Winston trying to eat your treats, you were able to take an amazing shot!" (from a holiday event guest)

 "OMG, we had a grand time. Thanks for making it happen."

"Wow!! You're ahead of schedule!!   All of us can't wait to see the photos. FYI: both boys [adult sons] told me they had a great time at the photo session. Normally these things are chores, but you made it a memorable experience. Everyone especially enjoyed the sounds you generated to get the dogs' attention."

"Oh my gosh, these are so good! Thank you!!! You work so hard and I appreciate all you do for the community! Thanks so much!"


"We all enjoyed our session with you..can't wait see the photos of us. You are a very nice and kind photographer .I'm happy we picked you to do our photos."

On receiving a quick preview: "I can see all I need to capture just how awesome these are. I know she will be absolutely thrilled and I cannot begin to express how grateful we are. You made it so incredibly easy and fun and Ziva was so calm!"

"Received and downloaded all the pictures.  And, the bonus picture that your expert eye saw...would hated to have missed out on it.  We love them SO much!! They are already on my FB page...subtle shout out to Greg's hot-ness. Overt shoutout to your greatness. Thank you so, much!"

"These are fabulous as usual. The Blake collar pics made us ��. Thanks again for everything and capturing these memories for us and Clay."

"... Anyway I loved your food article in Lowcountry dog.- didn’t notice it was you, My husband and I learned so much from that article. I was going to say that publicly but didn’t see where . Anyway you’re amazing in all you’re many facets. Do you ever sleep or see your husband??��"

"So adorable! Noelle is a goofball and you captured her perfectly! Thank you for all the work you do!!"

"That shot! We love everything about it!!! All the details ... even the water from the paddle. It's really something special. You are amazing."

"Jeanne, I meant to text you earlier. The book is amazing! I love it!"

"We know that without your photography we may never have found Figs, and we want to come full circle and do a shoot with the whole family together!"

"Thank you! The toss panel is awesome! We love it! Thank you so much! :) "

"Thank you so very much for this! And for talking me into getting in a few pics myself. It's been quite a while since I have been in front of a camera. I loved ALL of the pictures and struggled to pick my favorites. And I cannot wait to send out the Grinch cards. Thanks again for everything and we will be looking forward to seeing you sooner rather than later."

"You’re a rock star! We thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon with you and love ALL the photos! Thanks for being the best ever! Fans for life!!!"

"Just went through the album and it's amazing! Thank you so much! Beautiful photographs. <3 "

"Thank you so much for capturing our precious girl! We love the pictures!"

"Thank you so much! These are wonderful - we will treasure them forever :) "

"I really enjoyed working with you on this project. Cannot wait to see the calendar in my hands. You are a true professional with a gift that many people do not possess. So happy that you listened to that inner voice a pursued your passion. So many families and pets have been blessed by you." (MUSC Project Lead)

"The calendars came and they are so stinking cute. You did a phenomenal job." (MUSC Project Lead)

"I have been meaning to write this email to you for a while now! I absolutely LOVE Bucky's photos and necklace! Thank you so much for your talent and all that you do! I've done nothing but show off his photos since receiving them! Thank you again!"

"Oh wow! I LOVE all the photos!!! It’s going to be hard to pick!"

"Omg, Jeanne! I love all of them! ❤️! Looks like this is what I’ll be doing instead of my paperwork My furbabies look beautiful in their old age, with all their flaws and grays! ❤️ Love these soooo much!"!! 

"Linda and I absolutely Love the pictures, they all turned out so great ! I cannot express how good seeing those made us feel. Now we have a mission to search for frames and display them as they need to be! Will keep you posted and thank you so much for your time and patience with this." 

"Every time I look at your Instagram I'm always impressed with the sweet, beautiful, and personable photos you make of the shelter dogs. Thank you for the wonderful work you do with the animal shelters. I know that the dogs you photograph get adopted right away and the shelters you volunteer with are so blessed to have you doing that wonderful work for them."


"Seriously, can't thank you enough. IDK what else to say. So appreciative. The proofs look great - and that Facebook post! You're the best!"


"OH MY GOSH!!!!!! You are incredible and completely outdid yourself. I can’t thank you enough for capturing my best friend. I will treasure these. That picture of the ears and the tongue is the best thing I have seen! Thank you so much. Truly. Can’t wait to pick everything out!!!"


"So hard to choose!! Such magnificent photos and we cannot tell you how grateful we are to have been able to meet you! Your work always makes me smile!!!"

"I cannot thank you enough for capturing both Addie’s magic and our bond! You have an exceptional gift and I will treasure these photos. It was great to see you and I truly can’t thank you enough."

"Thank you so much for all the moments you capture for us. Beau had to go on lifetime heart meds this week so I know he's getting older and these photo books I have of him are EVERYTHING." 

"Thanks to your photos, someone responded to Adopt Charleston Cats and we are going to be meeting the potential adopters at her vet clinic on Saturday when it's nice and quiet."


“Thank you SO much for your efforts today and for taking such care with Edgar. I appreciate what you do both for private clients like us and for all the animal shelter efforts. Can’t wait to see the pics!”

“Great shots, great editing, love the backing board, super pleased with all of it. 110% Thank you again.”

“Thanks Jeanne! These are great, and you did such a great job editing! We really appreciate the extra time you put forth to help s look our best.”

"The photos look great! I'm so happy with them, but also miss her so much they made me tear up. Thank you so much for fitting us in. At that point, I had no idea what little time I had left. It means so much to me to have these!"

“Oh wow, they turned out so well! … SUPER LOVE THEM. Thank you so much. These mean so much to have.”

“I stopped at a Zaxbys in Manning and couldn’t wait until I got home to look haha! I am obsessed!!! These are so amazing!! I cannot thank you enough for capturing these sweet, beautiful and the silly moments!!!!”

"OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love one more than the next!!!!" 

"Omg love love love these!! He so handsome! Thank you so much for capturing us!"

"Thank you for the gallery, we have loved looking at these amazing photos. Sorry for the late response, we rang in the new year in the mountains and had limited internet service. Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic work with our girls. We had no idea what to expect, and were overjoyed with the results. It is clear how passionate you are with your work. Many thanks, Happy New Year to you and your family!"

"Omg they are beautiful!!! I don't even know where to begin to pick my favorites!! I can't thank you enough!"

"Thank you SO much for everything yesterday! We had such a wonderful time capturing moments with these precious ladies. We are so excited to see the photos, and it was awesome seeing how much our girls love you. You’re the best! We are just SO excited. You absolutely rocked it yet again."

 "Thank you SO much again for yesterday. You are truly a pro at what you do!!!!" 

"Thank you times a million for that incredible turnaround time. We can’t wait to get them ordered. Thank you again for your time and awesome skills!"


"Firstly, THANK YOU SO MUCH - Not only for your patience the day of the shoot but for these amazing photos. Even before editing, I already have a bunch we love & know my mom will too! Again, thank you so so much!!!!"


"I do not know how I will ever thank you for again capturing the true essence of Riley. I have looked at the gallery several times since you sent it over and it leaves me speechless, which is unusual for me:) I greatly appreciate the gift of your time and creativity to commemorate Riley's 15th birthday, now just 38 days away. I am making sure that he lives his best life, and as a result I am also living mine and making every minute of the time I have with him. Thank you again for being such an important part of Riley's senior years. Being able to see Riley through your lens has left an indelible impression and I will treasure it always."

"Jeanne! Thank you so much!! You make it easy for clients (2-legged and 4-legged) to feel casual and comfortable. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talent with our family."

"Thank you Jeanne!!! These are so good! I can’t stop looking at them!! I thought I was kind of crazy for getting pictures done with my dogs but having these images is the best ❤️."

"Oh Jeanne - A HEARTFELT THANK YOU!!! The photo album is absolutely well as the individual prints!!! :-) You truly captured the spirit and personality of our boys in their environment...not to mention the LOVE that we have for them! You are absolutely the BEST and we're so lucky we connected with you!"

"John and I would like to thank you for the fine photos and displays.  You have done an amazing job.  Thanks for creating some great memories.<3 "

"OMG!!!... they turned out beautifully <3 Michael and I got all teary-eyed! You absolutely captured some beautiful moments of the boys and our family, THANK YOU!!! Still can't thank you enough for you making the trip out to our area ... means so much to us. :) "

"I wanted to let you know that West passed last week. We really appreciate you capturing him and our other pets in your photos! He was such a good dog. We have all your pictures throughout the house. It's so nice to have the pictures as a reminder of him during the good time."

"OMG!!! They are all awesome! I had pretty high expectations, but they exceeded even those! I usually (always) hate pictures of me, and I actually love these. Thank you again for how easy you made the whole session with my hellions who don't listen."

"We love the book and photos!!! Thank you, thank you! We <3 every picture. Thank you so much. So glad we found you!"

"I just wanted you to know that your work is exceptional and special. I am a fan!! (I was pleasantly surprised to find your recent portraits of Khaleesi as I began considering her for adoption.) They helped me see more of her nature and personality. Thank you. Your work makes me smile and reminds me that there is good in the world."

"I adopted my little doggie from the Charleston Animal Society and it was the photo you shared that made me fall in love with her. You do amazing work." 

“You have hit a complete home run!!!!!  Kelly and I are so excited about the outcome.  Especially, especially capturing Peyton’s beautiful face.”

“I am IN LOVE with all of them! You do such wonderful work! Thank you so much! I appreciate all the hard work and patience you put in to your job.”

“My jaw has dropped. I cannot thank you enough for capturing these. Literally have no words. PHENOMENAL!!!”

“I just cried seeing these. I love them so much, so thank you for providing happy tears.”

"The photos arrived! They are magnificent and I will treasure them always!!!! I also adore the composite of Bella and Pippa. My heartfelt thanks for your talent and compassion.❤ "

"Oh Jeanne we absolutely loved having you shoot our fur family!! You are an absolute delight and I would recommend you to ANYONE!! "

"Thank you so much Jeanne. We are so happy to have worked with you. You clearly have a way with animals AND their people. :) :) Again, thank you for all your help in working around our chemo and new baby calendar. We wanted to do the pictures while Bella was feeling herself. Thank you for capturing our little fur family."

"We are overwhelmed with the results. The gallery is FULL of amazing shots. I can't thank you enough."

"Thank you again for coming out in the heat and being patient with Kaw-Liga! You will definitely be my go-to for photographing my dogs and I from now on. I shopped quite a bit before I happened to see your Mother's Day special, and none of the other local "pet photographers" satisfied me style wise at all. Can't wait to see our photos!" 

"Hi! These are incredible!! I am so excited about how they turned out!"

"These are great! I love that Annie looks like she is smiling in so many! All the photos are beautiful. The love we have for her really came through in the photos." 

"I love every single one of these, Jeanne, thanks for a job well done!" 

"It was such a fun experience!! I can't thank you enough."

"You did an awesome job!!! You are great at what you do. Thank you so very much for your hard (and amazing) work!"

"Jeanne, we received Penny’s photos in the mail today. We are overwhelmed by how beautiful they are. We had a few good cries while looking at them. I’m so glad we have these photos to remember her by. We miss her so much. It was so thoughtful of you to include an extra [print] in her package. I absolutely agree that photo has so much more meaning to it now that she is gone. Thank you so much for sending us that photo. It was such a special surprise! I absolutely love how the portrait turned out. I cannot wait to have it matted and framed. Thank you so much for all of the effort and time you put into the photos of Penny. You are talented in so many ways. We are so glad we met you!"

[From a prominent local businessperson] "George loved the way you worked your camera and had everything scoped out beforehand. He's not a very patient man when it comes to taking photographs. You did a great job. I can't wait to see the photos, I know they are going to be great."

"Words cannot express how much these photos mean to me. They are truly works of art! Big hug."

"I can not tell you how much joy these photos have brought me. You really have a gift for what you do."

"Hello! Received the package on this beautiful Spring day and LOVE, LOVE...THANK YOU!!! They turned out beautifully! ❤"

From a couple of the Treat Toss event guests upon receiving their print panels:

  • "Thank you so much! I couldn’t be any happier with how it turned out!"
  • "The pics are amazing!!! The layout is perfect and I’m so thrilled how it came out!"
  • "OBSESSED!!! I love it!!!"

"I can not thank you enough for the beautiful images and memories you gave me of my dear Eloise! During such a sad and dark time, you and your camera were a ray of light, giving me images to cherish. These photos will be a constant reminder of Eloise's love and loyalty. She was a loyal and loving companion for eight short years. Thanks again."

"I love them!! Thank you again. These are images I will cherish forever."

"We really had fun and it was so great meeting you. Ripley had a blast and it felt really good to laugh. We’ve been a bit sad since learning of her condition. Also, you were SO right: she was exhausted once we got her home. I can’t thank you enough for what you do. You were so great with her. Animals are such amazing little creatures and we like them more than most people on the planet in this house."

"...You are great, I appreciate everything you have done for me. You contributed to the brand and it means a lot. The real MVP!" 

From a recent shelter client: "THESE ARE THE BEST CAT PHOTOS WE HAVE EVER HAD! We should make this a regular occurrence! We have had a lot more attention of our cats since you came!"

From a client who surprised her husband with large wall art pieces of their three dogs for Christmas: "He cried." (followed by text photos of her smiling husband holding the pieces along with multiple love-face emojis :)

From a client who gave photo products as Christmas gifts: "They were so well received. Everyone was very happy and have already selected frames and hung them. You are simply - the Best!"

Response to proof set: "I just love them all so much!!"

Response to proof set: "Just want to say, we love the photos! They turned out great! I couldn’t help but laugh at goofy Dobby in some of them! Again, we love them! You did a fabulous job!"

Response to proof set: "These are awesome!!! I can't stop looking at them."

"Got the storyboard today and WE LOVE IT!!!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!!!"

"So remiss in letting you know I got the package -- all all is the best ever, as usual. My [pieces] will go up this weekend and albums are great!!!!!!!!!"

"I just got to look at our photos and they are amazing!! You always do a wonderful job! I am truly a fan!"

"Thanks for the great job. All the pictures are beautiful – so difficult to narrow down from the incredible selection."

"Pam and I have so many dog photos that we’re on overload and always expect just another nice dog photo. But your photos were wonderful! Best photos we have of our dogs! Thank you so much for a wonderful job under difficult circumstances!"

"We received Dunkin’s pictures and they are beautiful! You’ve done a fabulous job. We are so happy with all of them and can’t wait to frame them, especially the portrait. Now we can display his with our other two “kids”! Thank you so much for your time and patience with us and especially Dunkin! Again, thank you so much!! We will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs a great photographer!!"

"Just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful photoshoot that you did of our little family. We had so much fun that day and were thrilled with the way the pictures came out. I'm so thankful that we'll always have those pictures a a warm memory with our furry companion. Oh, and Cooper says "Hi!". Thanks again!"

"The pictures look absolutely fantastic! Your pictures are always so fabulous it makes it very hard to choose."

"I am loving the photos I have in my office since I spend more time in here than anywhere else in my home ~ whenever I'm on hold with a customer or one of my manufacturers, it's so sweet to turn my chair and look at my sweet Neville."

"Thank you for working with our super slow reaction times with these photos, we couldn't be happier with the results."

"These photographs are just wonderful!  Thank you!  The pictures of both dogs are beautiful, but it especially amazes me how you totally capture Huck (and all his moods) when he has to be the least cooperative subject you photograph!  The pictures of the two of them together are priceless..."

"Thank you so much for all that you have done for us and for Willow. It's hard to express to you how important and special the photo shoot with Willow was to us. The photos so perfectly capture Willow's personality and character. He was a one-of-a-kind dog, and you have an amazing gift that captured that in photos. We will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives. You went out of your way to help us, and even just your kind words throughout Willow's illness, and your support after he passed was so appreciated. You have deeply impacted our lives. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!"

"They are so beautiful.  I don't even know what to say.  They are so, so beautiful."  (from a wedding client)

"I am on a plane and it took every ounce of self control not to cry when I read your article and looked at the amazing photos you selected. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It was such a fun experience and we will treasure the magazine and photos (I am almost done completing my list... so hard not to choose them all) forever."

"Thank you for the photos! They look beautiful and are already framed and on display :) The puzzle looks great too. I'm going to break it up and surprise the kids with it, see if they can guess the photo."

"It will be challenging for me to type anything without sounding like a rambling fool because WE LOVE THESE PICTURES SO MUCH!!!!! They are absolutely amazing and they capture Hannah and Finley's personality as well as the love we have for them."

From the Editor/Producer of a pet magazine: "Thank you as always for lending your photographic talents to the magazine. It really elevates our look to have your work in our pages."

"Well we’re just recovering from our 13” snow storm - we should’ve stayed [in Isle of Palms] another month. We just received our pictures and LOVE them. We could cover our walls with them. You take beautiful pictures. We’re looking forward to the canvases."

"We had the pleasure of meeting Jeanne through our friend, Danielle, who was thrilled with Jeanne's shots of their Frenchie, Stewart. We asked Jeanne to take pictures of our (older) Auntie and our four year old Frenchie, Artoo as a Christmas present. Jeanne is truly an outstanding photographer and kind person with an uncanny ability to grab your pet's attention and hold it for the perfect shot. The day of the shoot, Artoo was a handful and easily distracted. However, Jeanne remained calm and used an arsenal of sounds and barks to grab and hold Artoo's attention. Needless to say, Jeanne was able to CREATE, then capture Artoo's personality as well as some very tender moments with her and Auntie; we were BEYOND pleased with the proofs. Our overall experience working with Jeanne was professional, comfortable, and fun. We strongly recommend Jeanne (and already have) to anyone who has a pet they'd like to perfectly capture. Thank you for being there to preserve our memories, Jeanne. As each year goes by, we'll treasure your captures more and more."

"Ohhh Jeanne, the canvases arrived today and I love them sooooo much. They look awesome and I am blown away! You are the best! Thank you, thank you!!!"

"I love, love LOVE the prints! I've been taking my time figuring out where to hang things. It's funny - I have a bigger house, but also more windows. LOL! Thank you sooooo much!"

"The photos are AMAZING!! We LOVE them!! Thank you so much!! We have picked/marked favorites but each have over 40 so need to go through them again and compare and pick the ones we really want to do something with (no easy task because all the pictures are so good!!!). Thank you again for everything!! :)"

"OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! These are amazing!!!! We are completely in love! Brady looks like such a regal elderly man and Chris is absolutely thrilled, which was the whole point, and thank you for nailing his birthday present!"

"These are gorgeous and you captured little Reilly beautifully. Thank you! We're so excited to go through them and will get our order together this weekend."

"Sasha sends her love, you are the only person she has loved taking pictures with to this day :)." 

"I couldn't wait and checked out pictures on my phone. There are so many great ones you captured - thank you for sharing your gifts with me and my girls."

"We received the photo package in the mail the other day and we wanted to thank you for the beautiful photos! We are so happy with how they turned out and we can't wait to put them on display in our house."

"I just wanted you to know that I sit here with tears rolling down my face as I look at your Facebook pictures of those loved and lost. I am brutally aware of what's to come, the unknown is what scares me the most. When? Most of all, why? However I am eternally grateful to you for capturing those memories of my girls that can never be taken away. Always in my heart, but now a piece of art for everyone to share. Thank you Jeanne. You are a gift."

"Received both packages of our pictures late this afternoon. We love both of them. You did such a great job in capturing their little personalities and it all comes out in the pictures.We are so pleased and greatly appreciate all your hard work. Thank you so much, it was a pleasure working with you."

"You've captured the beauty of my family! Thank you! How in the world do we choose? They are all amazing pics!!"

"OMG!! OMG!! I love the easel!! I am so in love how they all came out!! Now to strategically place them on my wall! I cannot thank you enough! RE: the canvas - I am beyond words on how amazing it looks! You seriously have no idea how much I love these photos!! Worth every penny!!!"

"These are so great!!! It's going to be difficult to choose which to get! Johnny and I have gone through then about 5 times today separately and now together. Thank you so much, Jeanne. We will get back to you soon with our order."

"I just wanted to let you know that the pictures are FABULOUS!!! They were delivered in such a nice package and they look AMAZING! I am so pleased and look forward to getting them on my wall. Thank you again!!!!"

"Oh my gosh, Jeanne!! I just love them all. You are so amazing the way you capture these moments:) I can't wait to show David and Emma. We have our work cut out for us picking what we want!!!!!Thank you so very much!"

"OMG!! I love them ALL!! Including the silly one of Jaz lol! You are so wonderful - this just made my whole week! It's gonna be SO hard to choose! Thank you for this priceless gift!"

"I want to say again, I really love your pictures. They capture something really essential about the human/dog bond."

"Just wanted to let you know the photos came today. I couldn't be happier with how they came out. Thank you so much - I will treasure them forever and am so glad I had the chance to get Jensen's photos professionally taken."

"Outstanding pictures, thank you so much for doing this. What a lasting memory!"

"We received the book, cards and other photos of Violet and Wow!---we were overjoyed with the quality and natural shots that you took! Our "diva" Violet is quite special to us and you have given us some special treasured memory shots!"

"Thank you so much for taking pictures of Marietta. [Sending a photo] with her new family, who noticed her because of you. I am crossing my fingers it sticks!"

"Oh my goodness!!! I got the canvas picture. It is so beautiful I could cry!"

"Got the photos - thank you!! They make me cry, I love them."

"I used one of your photos to announce her adoption. The photos you took are so beautiful and show her in her best light!"

From a well-placed Director in the rescue community: "I've seen a lot of pet photography, more than I ever want to. And you do something special. You truly have a gift, Jeanne. Your portraits bring such magic and depth to every animal you photograph. I am always waiting for your next photos to appear."

"The book arrived!! It is my new favorite read!"

"Got the book and it looks great! I can't wait to show my Nana! She's in her 80s and misses having a dog so much. She loves when we bring our four-leggeds for a visit!"

"We LOVE them Jeanne! Thank you so much! I have no idea HOW I'm going to DECIDE!!!!"

"Just want to let you know I received Alli's prints yesterday. They all look fantastic. I can't wait to buy some nice frames and get them up. I only wish I had more wall space :-) Also, I loved the packaging with the nice gift box and ribbon. Such a nice touch. It was like Christmas all over again. Thank you again for the excellent work and personal attention!"

"I wanted to let you know that I had to day goodbye to my sweet Gracie yesterday. I am so glad now that I had you take her pictures last fall… and I'm so grateful to have the pictures now. Thanks for making my little girl look so good!"

"I got my box of Scooter on Saturday! I can't thank you enough for the BEAUTIFUL pictures. You captured everything I love about this dog."

"The pictures arrived yesterday! So amazing. Thank you again."

"Oh my gosh!!!!! I LOVE them!!!!!! You are the best! How am I supposed to decide?? Thank you so much for this! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"These are all so AMAZING! Are you expecting us to actually choose??? OY!"

"I wanted to write and tell you how much your photos of Stella have meant to us and have helped in the last few days. The [one] is an anchor in our home. The color one of her smile keeps us balanced in times of sorrow.... Thank you again for doing this work and doing it so masterfully."

"Wow, these are unbelievable. I love love love all of the pictures of Logan's sweet face and beautiful big brown eyes, and of course, Annabelle doing her own thing! These pictures definitely represent their different personalities :) Thanks so much for everything!

"Thank you again for these beautiful photos! We can't stop looking at them!"

"I LOVE these! I am so happy with the lot. One of my biggest regrets was not having photos done with my last dog, and am so happy to have them of Lady G. She is really special to me, and I had so much fun with you. Thanks for sending these along so quickly - I couldn't believe I got them already and am so excited. I know you spent a great deal of extra time with us, which I really appreciate, and you were incredibly understanding of her (albeit well behaved) high strung personality. She is certainly an intense girl but I do love it. You were amazing to work with."

"I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!!! I don't know how on earth we are going to choose ... they are just fabulous!"

"The pictures were absolutely beautiful. My sister cried when I gave her the pictures. Thanks so much for everything. You're the best!"

"At a quick glance, these are awesome! THANK YOU for capturing all the things were were trying to keepsake! I love so many of them."

"I don't even know what to say but WOW! and THANK YOU! The proofs are amazing and I can't even begin to pick ... oh my ... Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

"Your photography is so much more than just the photos. The emotion you capture in your work is truly amazing. Some of the photos of older dogs brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing your gift - what a joy."

"Oh my gosh - these are AH Mazing!!! Thank you!"

"How do you capture that "something" that "essence ... that "soul"?! Your work ... well, I can't stop looking ... the eyes, the moment, the heart and just the beauty is amazing. I would like to think I am more articulate than this, but words fail me at the moment - gorgeous. Wow. A gifting - yes. Gifted is the only description I can give to your talent!"

"OH MY GOD!! I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!! I totally cried! Thank you. You captured exactly what I wanted with Mason. I also love the pictures of Cody and Ben too. I have a zillion favorites. How am I ever going to pick? You have such a gift. Thank you!"

"The photos are just absolutely great! I really appreciate all of your help. These are the best photos I've seen of all the dogs we've owned over the years. They have so much personality!"

"OMG!!! How am I going to pare this down? I tried writing down the ones that I just love and I got 55!! Thank you SOOO much! You really captured my beautiful Mandy!"

"Thank you so much for the beautiful work! Seriously, every good thing in the world should come your way."

"I LOVE these!!! If I had a ton of money, I'd order them all!"

"Hi Jeanne, I gave my husband the portrait of Elway and I yesterday and he loved it!!! He was amazed by all the photos."

"They came out so awesome. I actually teared up on several of them. You captured the beauty of everything most important to us ... our son and fur babies. Thank you so much."

"WE LOVE THE PICS!!! My goodness! I can almost make out a conversation with the ones with Tammy & Rover together! Soooo cute! I had a rough day at work and was really exhausted today. But seeing the kids and these pics made my day! Thanks so much Jeanne! Love, love, love them very much!"

Very sweet note from Tank & Diva's grandma: "I was fortunate enough to watch Jeanne work with my son's dogs. She is magical with dogs and made it fun for them for the entire two hour session. Even when they were not cooperating, she was able to just laugh and make the best of what they were doing. And did I say, she did all this pro bono? A true angel."

"Thanks, these are awesome. Phil and I love this. Madi said "I could be a model."

"James picked up the book today. It's more beautiful than I ever even could have imagined. Thank you. She was so beautiful and you captured all of her. And it really does tell a story. The spreads with her and Josie and of the three or four of us are wonderful. Thank you for encouraging us to do that."

"I got the prints and calendars today--everything looks AWESOME!!!! Thanks so much for the extra prints, now my mom won't feel left out!! Thanks again and we'll definitely stay in touch!"

"You had some amazing pictures of Buster! Thanks for such a great day."

"The pictures of my father and Molly are just too precious for words. I will treasure them always. And it's lovely to have pictures of Miss Daisy as well - you captured her softness beautifully. I cannot wait to show our pictures off!"

"My dad absolutely loved the pictures! He was so proud of his Molly. I really cannot thank you enough for the photos. You really helped me give my dad the best present he’s ever gotten – I’ve never seen him smile so proudly! You were so patient – we really do appreciate it. Thank you!"

"I love the album! Will be hard to decide how many shots to keep!"

"I love ALL of the pictures! You certainly have an amazing talent to capture a person’s spirit and personality in each shot! THANKS!"

"Thanks for a great experience and some really wonderful pictures!"

"They’re just beyond amazing. Still clicking through them repeatedly - I just can’t get over how well you captured everyone in these! Everyone I have shown these to is just gobsmacked by how awesome they are."

“I can't begin to tell you how much we love all of the pictures and how much we have enjoyed working with you. In a make that unbelievable! The resolution of the images is fantastic and what you did with the mixture of b/w, sepia, and color was great. And your design work and layout for our book was wonderful. Lastly, thank you so much for the 16 X 20. This was so sweet of you. I went to 3 stores this weekend until I found just the right frames for the 5 X 7s. They each now reside in just the right place within our home. Every time we pass them we will remember the wonderful experience of working with you. You have an incredible talent and love for both photography and animals. We look forward to working with you again...perhaps in the spring since Julie says that you are not a winter person. Take care and thank you so much for capturing the beauty and essence of our four-legged loved ones.”

"We can’t even put into words how much we love the pictures and the book. We know we have told you this before but your pictures capture the true soul of the animals that you photograph. Even though we had seen the photos on your website we were once more blown away by the beauty of our sweet girl and the perfect setting you chose for her shots. Thank you again for making her birthday extra special this year."

"Between the tears, I thank you for the precious gift and for seeing such beauty in my best friend."

"Thank you so much for the beautiful portraits – you brought tears to my eyes."

"I just received the proofs yesterday and I LOVE them!! You do a wonderful job of capturing animals in the natural environment. Thank you again!"

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming and spending so much time with my kids, Angie and Toby. Your patience and exceptional skill are truly appreciated. They instantly warmed up and took more than a liking to you, they were in love with you. I am ever too grateful and appreciative of the spectacular photographs that you have taken. Their personality and demeanor has been captured perfectly, the pictures brought me to tears with a joy and gratitude. I will treasure these photos forever, even when they are no more, as they portray Angie and Toby's true being and personalities."

"Thank you so much. I took a peek and I am so touched by what an incredible job you did."

"I just returned this morning and was so happy to see the pictures!!! I just LOVE all of them."

"I love these pictures. I started crying when I saw Emma’s because you really captured “Emma” and her sweetness. Then I saw Huck and Merlin’s and couldn’t believe it. These pictures are a perfect presentation of each of their characteristics that I love so much about them – Emma’s sweetness, Huck’s soulful eyes and Merlin’s stoicism ... I can’t wait to see the rest."

"I took a quick look and love them all! Thank you so much. You really captured her "personality". I'll take a more serious look later today with the family, but just wanted to tell you thanks. They are gorgeous, just like my super model dog."

"The photos arrived yesterday and they are beautiful! You went above and beyond with all of the extras in the box. Bear is already enjoying his new toy. Thank you for your generosity and I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!"

"Thanks Jeanne! I think everyone had a great time and you are so easy to work with. Obviously the dogs all were very comfortable with you!"

"Wow! Perhaps I should restate that...WOW! The pictures of Abby and Rooney are fantastic. We can't begin to tell you how pleased we are with the results. There are so many beautiful images and you did such a great job with the artwork. You have a wonderful talent and your love of photography and dogs is a joy to see. You have truly captured the essence of our two babies. There is much more that I want to say but wanted to send a quick note out to you tonight. Thank you so very much!"

"When I opened the book I immediately began crying! I LOVE IT! Every single picture and page is absolutely perfect!!! I cried the entire time I looked through it! I can't stop looking at it! It truly is awesome!"

"The shots are all so good, it was hard to pick! Can't wait to see [the book]. I thought your work was stellar!"

"Thank you for donating your time today. I really enjoyed meeting you - your love for animals is very obvious as was reflected in how my dogs reacted to you."

"We love the calendar. ... the paper is of excellent quality and the pictures, of course, are beautiful. We could not be more pleased. It is a wonderful gift that I was very pleased to present."

"Thank you for the beautiful pictures - who knew that just two short months later, one of my pups would not be here anymore. It makes these all the more special to me."

"Here, to the best of my ability, is a description of how they were received.

1. Shock: How did you do this? When did you do this? How did you manage to keep this a secret?

2. Amazement: Look at my boy! That is EXACTLY how I always picture him. Doesn't he look regal? Angus and Malcolm together! I think I'm going to die. Look at that silly grin! Look at this one! Now look at this one! But then there's this one! Malcolm, you're so handsome? Did you see these pictures of you? Did you know that you are this handsome? How did she get him to sit/pose/smile? These are just beautiful.

3. Tears: This is the best present anyone could give me. I love them all so much. The pictures are JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. Malcolm, now I can have you forever.

4. Acceptance: The next morning (like, 7AM morning,) pictures were being taken off the walls and The Malcolms were being hung.

It was THE BEST gift giving experience that I've ever had. Thank you so much."


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