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April, 2023 | Monthly Selections

Spring gives such a great opportunity for a range of outdoor photos – local parks are in bloom, beaches aren’t yet packed and the temps are still generally favorable. April also happens to kick off “busy season” which, for me, lasts through December!

Speaking of parks and beaches (ICYMI last month), Roux and Gracie made a list of some local outdoor recreation spots you and your pups might enjoy. You can view it here.



May 20, 2023 | We are having a photo pop-up at Out of Hand in Mount Pleasant. It's fully booked, but you can contact me to be waitlisted in case of a last minute cancellation. This will be my 4th pop-up event with these fabulous folks and I'm always so happy to spend the day in their dog-friendly, ecclectic boutique!

May, 2023 | Dates TBD, but we are still planning two additional Treat Toss fundraisers -- working on dates and now that should be easier with summer schedules approaching.

Other 2023 event dates/photo opps can be viewed at the end of this page.


SHAMELESS PRIDE FOR MY DOGS (or good news about me)!

The latest Carolina Tails dropped, with my cover and photos for senior rescued dog Archie and his dog-ma. This dog is living large as the Mayor of Folly Beach!

I also participated in my first dolphin count for Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network. Our count day weather wasn't the best and we had zero sightings across two shifts, but I did have PLENTY of photo opps the week prior at the same location so was able to send magnified photos of dorsals that they may be able to use to ID some of the local dolphins as remaining active in the area. I'm hoping to get more involved with this great group in the coming months in my *spare* time. :) #lovewhereyoulive



I’d like to start with a thank you to this special lady and her equally special pup, Duffy, for putting us up during our VA trip again this time. I have known her for maybe 12 years now? We first met when she scheduled a session with her prior pooch, Molly, and we just became friendly, bonding over all things dog. Then she and Jack shared a golf interest and our friendship continued to grow. After Molly passed and enough time went by, she was ready to open her heart again and so she did, for this sweet little beagle girl. Duffy was around for our Bandit and then when we brought Roux home as a puppy they got to be pals too. And this past trip, Gracie even walked quietly and easily with Duffy! Duffy is a sweet little beast and you can't NOT love her immediately. Same for Mary - she is insanely kind and thoughtful, and one of the hardest-working people I have EVER met. This photo is from their visit to CHS a few weeks ago. They make a great duo and I think their love is pretty obvious from even a quick glance.

I took a few days off (yay!) and spent time on a special small business project for a local animal hospital (more on that next month), but still managed to also have several lovely client sessions: dog-moms and their furries, including travelers here from New York; a special family session where a dog-dad surprised his wife for a milestone birthday; and a sun red conure – a first for me – to name a few!



YTD, as of 4/30 I have photo’d 184 adoptables locally. While I’m happy to meet these beautiful, hopeful faces even briefly, I wish there weren’t such a need for me to do so. When the clever media folks at Charleston Animal Society had an idea for a prom campaign, I was all in for it! I had some thoughts and may have gotten a little excited, but thankfully, everything aligned perfectly with their vision for the outcome. My friend came to help me get the dogs dressed in their prom wear and position them for their fancy photos. Eight beautiful adoptables were photo'd with their charming and lovely prom dates for what I believe was a successful and well-received prom-themed campaign! (A few sample pics follow.) No idea is ever silly, especially when it comes to lifesaving efforts for the animals in our local shelters. I love the effort CAS puts into their ideas, and how agreeable and appreciative they are about collaborative projects. Cue the broken record: if you can help in some way, please find the shelter or rescue group that is the best fit for you and your family and see what you can do to support them, whether through fostering, adopting, donating or volunteering.



Here's a link to the shelter's BTS video and promo spot from our prom shoot too in case you want a quick glimpse into what it's like to work on a project like this :)



May kicked off with my Virginia trip so it’s been hectic, which is why this mailout is now weeks later than usual arriving to your inbox. Whoops! That ride home down I-95 gave me plenty of thinking time and I used it wisely to come up with some business changes I’ll be making, so stay tuned. As a reminder, in June I only offer morning sessions for outdoor, and NO OUTDOOR SESSIONS in July and August. It’s simply too much for the dogs to handle – their tongues pop out about 5-10 minutes into a session and then most of the proofs are featuring – you guessed it – a wagging tongue. My studio is always an option though for pet parents who want to schedule before September.

It's hard to believe the next time I do this we will be at the halfway point of the year! The event schedule is posted below including a reminder that the annual Santa photos will be held in November this year – I’ve been posting about this since January, so when the holidays roll around, you can’t claim to be surprised about the date change!

Hope everyone is enjoying a great spring!



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Ongoing: Adoptable Animal Photo Sessions. 

COMING SOON! Treat Toss Events 2 and 3! Dates TBD - Contact me to be notified/waitlisted.

May 20, 2023 | Pop-up pet photos at Out of Hand in Mount Pleasant. FULLY BOOKED.

June, 2023 | Outdoor sessions - mornings only. Temps will be starting to pickup as the days go on and it's too hot for the dogs in the afternoon!

June 10, 2023 | Celebrity Paws in the Park benefitting Charleston Animal Society.

July and August, 2023 | No outdoor sessions in CHS (studio only).

August, 2023 | Artist Display, Goose Creek City Center Complex.

October 14, 2023 | Dogapalooza by Lowcountry Dog Magazine.

November, 2023 | ***DATE ADJUSTMENT ***| Santa photos at Woofgang Bakery will be held in mid-November in 2023!


Away/Downtime Dates:

September 3 - 10, 2023

December 21 - 26, 2023



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