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November and December 2022 | Monthly Selections

It's so much easier at year-end to recap both months, so here you go!


Because of Thanksgiving travel plans, I had to limit holiday sittings to one event this year, so in early November, we spent a day at K9 Resorts of Mount Pleasant in the company of daycare kiddoes enjoying their holiday "humor". Click here to view recap video (best viewed 360p).

The month also brought me several wonderful client sessions, both in studio and at some of my favorite locations! Representative photos follow.

I had the opportunity to stop by Flagler on my way back to SC from FL to hang with some surfers for a few :)

And last - but not least - I had the honor of photo'ing my niece's newborn baby, Myles <3


The holiday season is always crazy for photographers and my business is no different! My annual Santa photo fundraisers have grown each year and this year - my thirteenth year holding these events - we had NINETY sittings made up of 136 dogs and three very brave cats! My hours spent on this totaled 38 just in December so know that these are no joke! Feedback from guests was spectacular so I am really pleased and grateful :) And while the nonprofits designated as beneficiaries - Friends of Berkeley Animal Center and Libby and Mace's Place - were slated to receive half of the event's net proceeds, I was able to secure matching donations from a generous and anonymous supporter so EACH group earned $1,100! My event volunteers and Santa were fantastic - efficient, friendly and well-organized! Note - I will be moving the dates to MID-NOVEMBER in 2023, so PLEASE be on the lookout for info in the fall. As always, thank you SO MUCH to Woof GangBakery and Grooming for allowing us to take over their space and making sure guests had a great time!

I was THRILLED to meet-up with Aqua and her fabulous family! Aqua was a long-stay resident at a local shelter (173 days!) and her adopters literally saved her life. She's smiling because she knows it! <3 I can't wait to share her story soon!

And then there was Brady, a stately senior who was adopted out of City Dogs Rescue in DC a few years back, now living large in CHS!

We had Chip here for about 9-10 days while his people were on vacation. Spoiler Alert: He's still adorable - and obviously still has a puppy streak in him!

And now for the 2022 summary as of 12/27/22:

  • Named Best Pet Photographer, 2022, 5th year in a row! (Mount Pleasant Magazine's annual program!) <3 Thank you so much!
  • Nominated for Animal Advocate of the Year 2022, Lowcountry Dog Magazine (I am so appreciative of this!).
  • 91 client sessions (which feels especially busy since there were no outdoor sessions offered in July or August!).
  • 9 complimentary legacy sessions held for local pets who received a difficult diagnosis.
  • 540 adoptables photo’d through 12/27/22 for ten local groups and a couple of private adoptions. (Click collage image below to view larger.)
  • Over 510 hours donated to local shelters and rescues through 12/27/22.

  • Provided five silent auction session donations to local charities and participated in raising thousands of additional dollars for our area’s homeless animals through other fundraisers such as Lowcountry Dog Magazine’s model contest and calendar, portrait sittings at Paw Paws USA in Greenville, holiday portraits at K9 Resorts in Mount Pleasant and wrapping up the year with our annual Santa photo fundraisers at Woofgang Bakery in Mount Pleasant. (Life hack: Find whatever makes you tick and go at it full force!)
  • Photo’d the first Medical University of SC Canine Therapists and Clinicians 2023 Calendar.
  • Photo’d client projects for several local pet-related businesses, veterinary practices and a national brand.
  • Four magazine covers for three pet-centric publications, plus multiple feature photos and articles written.
  • Displayed at five community events/expos and photographed seven pet-related events for clients.
  • One artist display at City of Goose Creek.
  • Two Virginia trips for client sessions.
  • And last but not least, we fostered two wonderful puppies – Sweet Pea in January and Reese, now Winston, in June - who were each adopted pretty quickly and continue to thrive in their forever homes!

Every year I look back over my work and while the goal is to always feel like I’ve made a difference somewhere, the truth is there is ALWAYS more that can be done. So, I take the small wins and head into each new year with a renewed heart and hope that maybe the new year will bring positive changes for shelters and rescues everywhere.

And for clients, I continue to wish excellent health, happiness and loads of memory-making opportunities with your beloved furry companions!


I like to *try* to take time off in January (Jeanne-uary :) ) to regroup, work on some business plans, update galleries and the website, get gear serviced, etc., but will always make time for terminal pets or special situations and, of course, shelter and rescue/foster photos.

Until next time, be safe, enjoy the holiday season and accept all of our best wishes for your happy and healthy new year!


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Ongoing: Adoptable Animal Photo Sessions. 

February 18, 2023 | Boykin Bash at Firefly Distillery - so excited to partner with Boykin Spaniel Rescue for this! Click here for Save the Date info - then stay tuned and plan to show up for photos!

March 25, 2023 | Woofstock at Hanahan Amphitheatre! Follow Lowcountry Dog for updates!

April 1, 2023 | Pop-up pet photos at Out of Hand in Mount Pleasant. More to follow!

Late April/early May, 2023 | Northern VA client photo trip - Contact me to be notified/waitlisted.

July and August, 2023 | No outdoor sessions in CHS (studio only).

November, 2023 | ***DATE ADJUSTMENT ***| Santa photos at Woofgang Bakery will be held in mid-November in 2023!


Away/Downtime Dates:

January 1 - 31, 2023 (except for terminal pets, special situations and shelter or foster sessions)

April 12 - 16, 2023

Late April/early May, 2023

September 3 - 10, 2023

December 21 - 26, 2023



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