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January/February 2024

Good news for you - I likely won't have a February recap as I have been away on a family emergency so my business operations have been paused temporarily!

Good news for me - the situation is continuing to trend positively, so I should be back on track by March 1.


SHAMELESS PRIDE FOR MY DOGS (or good news about me)!

In January, we celebrated our sweet Roux's gotcha day - nine years! Where does the time go? He was exactly what I didn't know I needed, and now can't imagine my life without him by my side. The [terrible cell phone pic!] inset photo was the night I met him. <3

Keeping tradition, we celebrated with a beach walk at Folly for him and Gracie! It was a crazy-windy day, but is there EVER a bad day at the beach? I think not. Big thanks to my friend Molly for "co-walking" with me so they could enjoy a beach walk together. (Please don't judge my cell pics - I was trying to just be in the moment with them so I didn't take my camera.)

January is typically what I refer to as "Jeanne-uary" :) Every year at this time, I try to take some reset time for myself, my business and just decompress from the holiday photo and fundraising rush. This year, however, the end of the month took me away unexpectedly to be with family - it was a terrifying time, and one where I really saw how strong and connected my family is and I couldn't be more proud. For everyone who reached out or expressed concern, thoughts, prayers, positive vibes - THANK YOU. Our patriarch is on the mend and should be home soon!

This emergency episode reiterated how incredible my friends and clients are too! One of the projects I was working on in January was a pet food distrIbution event for county residents. The idea to organize this was an attempt to help keep animals from having to enter our local overcrowded county shelter for reasons of food insecurity. (One of the top three reasons animals are surrendered there is a lack of affordability of care and upkeep, as confirmed by the shelter director). While much of the planning was in place before my departure, there were still things that needed to happen locally, including on-site support the actual day of the event (February 10). I did what I could virtually (i.e., paperwork, forms) but let me tell you - my wonderful friends and a few additional awesome volunteers stepped up to ensure the distribution would go on as scheduled! The community really responded and donations from the wish list resulted in 417 pounds of kibble, 72 cans of dog food and 240 cans/pouches of wet cat food, plus treats for dogs and cats, PLUS the additional drop-site items! On the day of the event, 53 families (136 dogs and cats!) benefitted from that generosity. As I was driving back from FL that day, the team was sending me photos - please help me applaud the awesome volunteers who took this over in my absence. I really can't thank them enough. (Not pictured here - my husband, who spent quite a bit of time inventorying the wish list donations that flooded our garage while I was away.) (Photo credit: "some guy in a Carolina hat" ... that's all I know.)



Y'all, it's not easy for a hummingbird-level worker like me to cut back on my activities! I feel like I am always moving (and yet, somedays, going nowhere LOL). January brought me beautiful clients, a fun project for a new local vet practice, and, of course, shelters!



I won't have any February adoptables due to our family hiccup out of state, but January still brought me 63 beautiful, furry faces to photo on behalf of Charleston Animal Society, Dorchester Paws and Libby and Mace's Place.

I also missed this year's Puppy Bowl for the first time ever :/ but here's one of the participating puppies anyway!

Lastly, why is Tango (just above) smiling? Well, I'd like to share a BIG congratulations to this sweet momma dog. Followers may remember Jack and I grabbed her from the Greenville shelter in June with her brood of newborn puppies, who were ALL scheduled to be put to sleep due to limited space at the shelter (yes, she AND her several newborn puppies!). Tango's foster family has decided she is the perfect missing piece for their family puzzle and they have made the adoption official. Congratulations to all of you, but most especially to Tango, who deserves all the love in the world <3 and now she will have it. #fosteringsaveslives




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